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Learn more about our amazing underwater world with these short films.  Scroll down for more.
Films marked with the ü symbol are also on Google Ocean.  In order to discover these films and more information within the software, follow the directions next to the symbol.    Copy and paste the numbers into the 'Fly To' box for quick access.

  Funky Pups: The Antarctic island of South Georgia is home to nearly 4 million Antarctic fur seals.  Come and meet a gang of playful pups as they mob me during a dive. 

ü Explore Cooper Bay, south east coast of South Georgia Is., -54.786   -35.816
  79 degrees North – Comb Jelly Hunting:  Arctic seas are thick with plankton and one particular predator is filmed feeding.  Discover more about this surprising underwater hunter.

ü Explore the northwest of Svalbard, 79.799 11.352
    Kelp Shores of St. Kilda:  This island is the most westerly point of the British Isles.  Explore some of the life to be found along these storm-washed shores.

ü Search the south side of St. Kilda, 57.796 -8.567 .  
  Close Encounter of the Shark Kind:  Inaccessible Island in the South Atlantic is home to the Broadnosed Sevengill shark.  Find out just how ‘up close and personal’ they can be.  
  79 degrees North – Feisty Fish:  600 miles from the North pole, exploring the seabed reveals a well-camouflaged predator.  Visit these frozen waters to find out more.  

ü Search the northwest of Svalbard, 79.799 11.352
    Juvenile Gentoos:  Sometimes ungainly on land, penguins are agile and fast when in the water.  These Gentoo penguins are very curious as they explore the shallow but frigid waters.

ü Between Robert and Greenwich Islands, South Shetland Is., -62.386   -59.786