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Surely top of most polar adventurer's wish list is an encounter with a Leopard seal.  Kelvin has a very special encounter with one during a dive in Antarctica - read about his adventure on the Oceanwide Expeditions website.

Do you want to dive with these amazing seals?  Why not join me on some of my incredible trips to the White Continent?  >>> Contact Kelvin

>>> Image by Chris Sterritt


Silvertip and Oceanwide Expeditions are delighted to be hosting the 2012 OWUSS Australasian Scholar Yoland Bosiger aboard M/V Plancius in Antarctica.

Yoland will be joining Expedition Leader Kelvin Murray and the Oceanwide dive team to explore various dive sites along the Antarctic Peninsula.  Part of Yoland's mission will be to collect images for the Ocean Layer of Google Earth.

Yoland will be leaving behind the 30 degree C waters of Australia and plunging into O degree water - we think she might have to wrap up a warmer than this!



Follow Yoland's polar adventures on her OWUSS blog page and on the Silvertip Facebook page.

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Do you want to dive amongst ice?  Watch Leopard seals hunt penguins?  Have whales surface alongside your boat?  See polar bears and walrus in the wild?
Contact Kelvin by email for more details.

>>> Underwater cameraman Hilaire Brosio filming alongside 'big ice' - to see some of his work click here

Lots of shark talk taking place at the moment.  We have a new upload live in GOOGLE EARTH in support of various campaigns highlighting the plight of the world's sharks.

One particular hotspot for shark finning activity is the Pacific coast of Central America.  Even the sharks of protected Cocos Island, famous for close encounters with schooling hammerheads, are under threat from illegal fishing.  Explore the coast of Costa Rica and Cocos Island in GOOGLE EARTH for more information, images and content.

View our latest video upload: 'Sharks under threat in Costa Rica'